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Policy/Education Symposium

Taiwan has vibrant party politics, diverse interest groups, and a free civil society. As a policy research platform, Taiwan NextGen has a research team composed of scholars from the United States, Poland, Japan, India, Vietnam and other countries. It has long provided effective and different perspective policy recommendations for Taiwan’s leaders and various government units. With regard to issues such as national defense, public health, economy, civil rights, and youth participation in politics, it contributes to Taiwan’s efforts to build a more resilient democratic system.


2024 To Ban or Not to Ban Tik Tok

On May 22nd, Taiwan NextGen Foundation held the Global Taipei Dialogue XXII surrounding a current debate spreading across the globe: Should we ban TikTok? To expand on the factors in this debate, along with its several complexities and relating impacts, we proudly welcomed three different speakers to divulge their own expertise and insights on this occasion. Opening the event, our two research assistants, Chia-Chen Kuo and Chieh-Yun Cai, took the floor with a comprehensive summary of the various actions, and controversies surrounding this topic thus far, with both a domestic and international perspective, taking particular notice on the US’ own ban bill. Following, was our first speaker of the night, Josh Wang, Co-Director of the Taiwan Information Environment Research Center (IORG), an organization dedicated to the reduction of information manipulation, understanding the Mandarin information environment, and strengthening Taiwan’s democratic resilience.


Wang took to the front their DouYin/TikTok case study results, finding that information manipulation on the platform not only reduced users’ trust in democratic systems, but would also push certain types of content during periods like Taiwan’s elections, where it was found that Chinese state media spread specific clips of Taiwanese commentators on DouYin, largely surpassing the amount of those featuring major Taiwanese political figures. To combat these kinds of information manipulation, Josh Wang stresses the focus on public discussions, research, and civic education to strengthen our democratic resilience. A topic and viewpoint that would come up more as we shifted to an open floor, inviting our CEO and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Legislator, Kuan-ting Chen, and New Power Party (NPP) Chairperson, Claire Wang, to share their insights on this matter. In both her insights and  a reply to an audience member’s question, Chairperson Claire Wang put particular focus in the proactivity and concrete stance of the government’s response in face of Chinese threats, as well as a focus on media literacy and education to help prevent the influence of children who view and use these apps.

Wang later goes on to state how there needs to be  proper research on each platform’s underlying algorithms and operational mechanisms before proceeding with further discussions, and suggested regulating digital information in a manner similar to restrictions on Chinese investment in Taiwanese companies. Legislator Kuan-ting Chen shared similar values, in that legislators and executive agencies should continue to promote and express their positions on the topics of information security, adolescent health, national security, and personal data protection to shift these discussions from the advocacy stage into the beginnings of actual law. He also stated how the most important part is to consistently apply these safety standards to all applications and social media platforms to fundamentally address the issue of information manipulation and preserve the quality of public discussion. Reaching the end of the event, Director Josh Wang ended off with a strong statement on the more troubling issues to be faced later on, which is combating the rise of information manipulation as a possible ban or regulation bill in Taiwan comes to fruition. We want to extend our great appreciation towards the distinguished speakers for their valuable insights on the topic during this event, as well as the attendees for taking time to join in on this discussion. The Global Taipei Dialogue seeks to bring together scholars , politicians, members of the private sector and NGOs dedicated to addressing pressing issues for Taiwan. By sharing expertise and experiences, we hope to learn from each other and collectively work towards an inclusive future


2022 Democratic Resilience and LGBTQI+ Mainstreaming

Taiwan NextGen Foundation, with the support of NDI, conducted a research project on LGBTQI+ Inclusion and Taiwan's Pathway to Democracy. 


We published the results of the plan, describing Taiwan's democratic resilience and the challenges of LGBTQI+ mainstreaming, and discussing the challenges of disinformation and the democratic system that violates democratic values such as the democratic system that determines minority rights, gay rights and interests in Taiwan. We also discussed how to make a difference by fighting disinformation and improving the referendum system.


2022 Supporting Democratic Resilience in Taiwan

Taiwan NextGen co-hosted an event about building democratic resilience in Taiwan with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD). Along with guest-speakers like Dr. Shiow‑Duan Hawang and her partners, representatives from multiple international offices in Taiwan, NGO's, and political parties engaged in discussion on #democracy, the impact of trust, the factors that affect polling results and participation.

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2022 Academic exchanges between Taiwan NextGen and the University of Warsaw

Taiwan NextGen met with Łukasz Zamęcki, an associate professor at the University of Warsaw in Poland. The two sides had a dialogue on the impact of social movements organized by the younger generation on politics and transitional justice. Both sides also look forward to more dialogues in the future to strengthen academic exchanges between the two countries.


2022 The Road to Gender Equality in Taiwan

Taiwan NextGen is honored to conduct an in-depth interview with Miao Poya, a member of the Taipei City Council, on the development of gender equality in Taiwan. This interview is also one of our joint projects with NDI Taiwan. We hope to understand the historical context and significance of the development of gender equality in Taiwan through this project. Gender issues are an integral part of the development of human rights. We hope that Taiwan can use its own experience to inspire and influence other Asian countries and the world, so that the foundations of freedom and democracy will grow stronger.


2021 Young Speaker Series on Asia-Pacific Freedom

Together with the Formosa Republican Association and Here I Stand Project, Taiwan NextGen Foundation organized the first episode of the Young Speaker Series on Asia-Pacific Freedom. We explored a broad range of topics related to human rights issues in Macao, Hong Kong, East Turkestan, and Tibet, amplifying the call for greater regional solidarity. Our Project Manager Elaine Ko hosted the panel on the humanitarian crisis of the Uyghur community. Additionally, our Research Fellow Marcin Jerzewski moderated the discussion about the Tibetan community in Dharamshala and Taiwan-Tibet solidarity, featuring a keynote speech by Mr. Tenzin Lekshay, Spokesperson of the Central Tibetan Administration, and remarks from our Non-Resident Fellow Dr. Sana Hashmi and Ms. Penghsuan Lee, Taiwan-based human rights activist.

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2021 Taiwan in the Indo-Pacific - Relevance and Geopolitical Implications

Taiwan NextGen Foundation and 9DashLine organized a webinar Transparency, Trust, Taiwan | EP1: Taiwan in the Indo-Pacific: Relevance & Geopolitical Implications. Speakers included elected officials and scholars from Taiwan, Europe, and Southeast Asia. This event marks the launch of a webinar series “Transparency, Trust, Taiwan,” organized jointly by the two entities. We appreciate Radio Taiwan International's coverage of this inaugural event. As we seek to amplify Taiwan's voice internationally, it is important that think tanks, media outlets, governments, and academia collaborate closely with one another.



2021 Taiwan's Energy and Public Health Challenge Online Seminar

Taiwan NextGen participated in an online conference with Professor Peng Rui-ren, Deputy Director of the DPP (Taipei City Branch) Ms. Ho Meng-hua, and Taipei City Councilor Hsu Hung-ting and discussed lessons from the epidemic as well as Taiwan’s energy issues.


2021 G7, NATO, US-Russia Summit and Taiwan Strategic Positioning Online Seminar

Taiwan NextGen Foundation participated in the "G7, NATO, US-Russia Summit and Taiwan’s Strategic Positioning" online seminar organized by the Institute for National Policy Research. The recent G7, NATO, U.S, and EU summits have indicated that Taiwan remains an important and valued part of the Indo-Pacific concept. Speakers included Dr. Lo Chih-Cheng, legislator and Taiwan NextGen advisor, and Dr. Tien Hung-Mao, Taiwan's ex-foreign minister.




Indo-Pacific Strategy Seminar: Regional Competition and Cooperation Expected to Intensify

Taiwan NextGen Foundation and the Asia-Pacific Youth Association held a symposium titled "Japan Political Observation: Biden's Strategic Analysis of the United States, Japan, and the Indo-Pacific" and invited Dr. Sana Hashmi, a senior researcher at Taiwan NextGen, Mr. Wen-Ti Sung, a lecturer at ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, and Dr. Ishihara Tadahiro from NCCU's Program in Japan Studies.




Symposium on "U.S.-China-Taiwan Relations and the Security Situation in the Indo-Pacific and Taiwan Post-Biden Inauguration"

The transfer of power in the United States is likely to bring about significant changes in the balance of power in the Indo-Pacific. In the immediate aftermath of POTUS 46’s inauguration, excitement and uncertainty fill policy circles on both sides of the Pacific. To engage a broad array of critical perspectives on potential future trajectories of international relations and security in the region, on January 21, 2021, Taiwan NextGen Foundation collaborated with the Institute for National Policy Research and the Taiwan Society of Japan Studies to organize a symposium on “The US-China-Taiwan Relations and the State of Security in the Indo-Pacific after the Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden, Jr.”. The event gathered distinguished academics and policy practitioners as well as members of the legislature who are actively engaged in the work of managing Taiwan’s foreign relations and national security.



Apple Daily


2020 Seminar on Japan: Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's Foreign Policy

This symposium was jointly organized by Taiwan NextGen Foundation and the Asia-Pacific Youth Association. Kuan-Ting Chen, served as the moderator and invited Akio Yaita, the Taipei branch director of Sankei Shimbun, and Shi-hui Lee, a professor at the School of International Affairs of National Chengchi University, as interlocutors to provide relevant analysis on issues related to the new Japanese cabinet and changes in the United States, China, Taiwan, and Japan.


The Storm Media


China Times


NextGen Voices ・  MP Lo Chih-Cheng

MP Chih-Cheng Lo shared his experiences in international relations and foreign policy with students in our NextGen Voices course. Topics covered Taiwan's democratic system and international relations.


NextGen Voices ・ Greenpeace 

We thank Mr. Daniel Mittler, Political Director at Greenpeace International, for speaking with our students in the Writing for Public Policy and Diplomacy workshop co-hosted with Lead For Taiwan 領導臺灣.


 Congressional Diplomacy and the Taiwan-Indonesia Education Exchange Forum

Taiwan NextGen Foundation CEO Kuan-Ting Chen, Legislator Jui-Hsiung Chuang, Legislator Ming-Wen Chen, Research Fellow Hafizha Dea Iftina, and Indonesian National Mission Party Member of Parliament Dr. M. Ali Taher discussed potential exchanges and visits between the two parliaments.


Education Symposium on the Current Status and Prospects of US-China-Taiwan Relations

Professor Ming Juzheng from the Department of Political Science of National Taiwan University shared insights with members of Congress and scholars at home and abroad on the current situation of the Asia-Pacific international and strengthened the policy understanding of the US-China-Taiwan relations in the chemical and political circles.

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Education, I Believe In You Forum

Taiwan NextGen Foundation, the Chiayi County Government, and the National Parents Alliance held the "Education, I Believe You" Parent Forum at the Chiayi County Innovation College on the afternoon of September 13, 2020. 


The Past, Present, and Future of the Definition and Execution of National Security - Lecture

Crisis management is an important function of the government that is performed through its national security apparatus, which formulates policies and decisions to prevent, stops, and control crises, as well as coordinate recovery efforts.


Taiwan NextGen invited Dr. Soong Hseik-wen, Professor at Institute of Strategy and International Affairs at National Chung Cheng University to speak about the Past, Present, and Future of the Definition and Execution of National Security. Attendees included Legislators Chen Ming-wen, Su Chih-fen, Yao Wen-Chih, Shih Yi-fang, Chen Ou-Po, Chiang Yung-chang, and Chuang Jui-Hsiung; and various colleagues from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Security Bureau.


Professor Soong presented comparative studies on the national security systems of the US, UK, Japan, and China, and spoke in-depth about the Taiwan’s own national security network. National security does not just cover military - trade, health, environment, energy, food, society, and cyber/information all fall under the auspices of national security.


Obtaining a comprehensive understanding of a problem and its root causes is the first step to the solution. Taiwan is currently pressed with many national security matter, such as demographic crisis, and we must proactively solve and overcome these challenges for the sake of future generations.

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