Indo-Pacific Strategy Seminar: Regional Competition and Cooperation Expected to Intensify

Taiwan NextGen Foundation and the Asia-Pacific Youth Association held a symposium titled "Japan Political Observation: Biden's Strategic Analysis of the United States, Japan, and the Indo-Pacific" and invited Dr. Sana Hashmi, a senior researcher at Taiwan NextGen, Mr. Wen-Ti Sung, a lecturer at ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, and Dr. Ishihara Tadahiro from NCCU's Program in Japan Studies.



Symposium on "U.S.-China-Taiwan Relations and the Security Situation in the Indo-Pacific and Taiwan Post-Biden Inauguration"

The transfer of power in the United States is likely to bring about significant changes in the balance of power in the Indo-Pacific. In the immediate aftermath of POTUS 46’s inauguration, excitement and uncertainty fill policy circles on both sides of the Pacific. To engage a broad array of critical perspectives on potential future trajectories of international relations and security in the region, on January 21, 2021, Taiwan NextGen Foundation collaborated with the Institute for National Policy Research and the Taiwan Society of Japan Studies to organize a symposium on “The US-China-Taiwan Relations and the State of Security in the Indo-Pacific after the Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden, Jr.”. The event gathered distinguished academics and policy practitioners as well as members of the legislature who are actively engaged in the work of managing Taiwan’s foreign relations and national security.



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2020 Seminar on Japan: Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's Foreign Policy

This symposium was jointly organized by Taiwan NextGen Foundation and the Asia-Pacific Youth Association. Kuan-Ting Chen, served as the moderator and invited Akio Yaita, the Taipei branch director of Sankei Shimbun, and Shi-hui Lee, a professor at the School of International Affairs of National Chengchi University, as interlocutors to provide relevant analysis on issues related to the new Japanese cabinet and changes in the United States, China, Taiwan, and Japan.


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NextGen Voices ・  MP Lo Chih-Cheng

MP Chih-Cheng Lo shared his experiences in international relations and foreign policy with students in our NextGen Voices course. Topics covered Taiwan's democratic system and international relations.

NextGen Voices ・ Greenpeace 

We thank Mr. Daniel Mittler, Political Director at Greenpeace International, for speaking with our students in the Writing for Public Policy and Diplomacy workshop co-hosted with Lead For Taiwan 領導臺灣.


 Congressional Diplomacy and the Taiwan-Indonesia Education Exchange Forum

Taiwan NextGen Foundation CEO Kuan-Ting Chen, Legislator Jui-Hsiung Chuang, Legislator Ming-Wen Chen, Research Fellow Hafizha Dea Iftina, and Indonesian National Mission Party Member of Parliament Dr. M. Ali Taher discussed potential exchanges and visits between the two parliaments.

Education Symposium on the Current Status and Prospects of US-China-Taiwan Relations

Professor Ming Juzheng from the Department of Political Science of National Taiwan University shared insights with members of Congress and scholars at home and abroad on the current situation of the Asia-Pacific international and strengthened the policy understanding of the US-China-Taiwan relations in the chemical and political circles.

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Education, I Believe In You Forum

Taiwan NextGen Foundation, the Chiayi County Government, and the National Parents Alliance held the "Education, I Believe You" Parent Forum at the Chiayi County Innovation College on the afternoon of September 13, 2020. 


The Past, Present, and Future of the Definition and Execution of National Security - Lecture

Crisis management is an important function of the government that is performed through its national security apparatus, which formulates policies and decisions to prevent, stops, and control crises, as well as coordinate recovery efforts.


Taiwan NextGen invited Dr. Soong Hseik-wen, Professor at Institute of Strategy and International Affairs at National Chung Cheng University to speak about the Past, Present, and Future of the Definition and Execution of National Security. Attendees included Legislators Chen Ming-wen, Su Chih-fen, Yao Wen-Chih, Shih Yi-fang, Chen Ou-Po, Chiang Yung-chang, and Chuang Jui-Hsiung; and various colleagues from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Security Bureau.


Professor Soong presented comparative studies on the national security systems of the US, UK, Japan, and China, and spoke in-depth about the Taiwan’s own national security network. National security does not just cover military - trade, health, environment, energy, food, society, and cyber/information all fall under the auspices of national security.


Obtaining a comprehensive understanding of a problem and its root causes is the first step to the solution. Taiwan is currently pressed with many national security matter, such as demographic crisis, and we must proactively solve and overcome these challenges for the sake of future generations.