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Empowering the

next generation of

Taiwan's leaders

We stand together

and empower the future of the country through education.

Taiwan NextGen Foundation is a not-for-profit education foundation dedicated to educational policy research and public advocacy to address three major challenges Taiwan faces: 1) Globalization, 2) Cross-Strait Relations, and 3) Democratic and Societal Transitions.


Having served the public and defended its rights for over four decades, Senior Legislator Chen Ming-Wen had garnered support and created this education think tank as a coalition to expand the Legislature’s outreach and empower people to participate in the legislative process. Our education think tank focuses on policy research, recommendations, public discourse, and deliberation.We host various types of educational public events, forums, panels, and boot camps, to unlock the value and talents of grass-roots movements. We believe our in-depth engagement will generate public policies that shall best serve the needs of the Taiwanese public and its prosperous future.

Board Members

​洪耀南 黃貞瑜 陳怡岳 

陳川崎 孫淑文 陳燕薰 

溫春梅 嚴仁鴻

Research Fellows and Interns

Dr. Huynh
Tam Sang
Research Fellow
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喜歡 Max.jpg
Research Fellow
Non-Resident Fellow
Zsuzsa headshot.jpg
 Dr. Zsuzsa 
Anna Ferenczy
Non-Resident Fellow
Martey Hargis
Non-Resident Fellow
photo_2022-08-01 10.38.48.jpeg
Dr. Chiaoning
Non-Resident Fellow
Taiwan NextGen Foundation Partners

Taiwan NextGen Foundation and the Asia-Pacific Youth Association have partnered together on the development of youth in the Asia-Pacific region, international affairs studies, and social and public policy research and analysis projects.

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9DASHLINE and Taiwan NextGen Foundation share a common vision of providing critical analysis of political, economic as well as cultural issues in the Indo-Pacific region and remain committed to democratizing debates in international relations.

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Taiwan NextGen Foundation is honored to establish a close partnership with Ketagalan Media. This partnership will further link the foundation with a platform that shares Taiwan’s important news, policies, and social issues with the world.

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