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Rural Education

The urban-rural gap that has accompanied economic growth in Taiwan, such as the emigration of young people and local development difficulties, is stubbornly persistent. Taiwan NextGen Foundation is committed to  nurturing local talents in rural areas and encouraging local job creation through improved education pipelines. At the same time, Taiwan NextGen coordinates international resources to help local talents have the opportunity to connect with the world stage.

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2022 “Connecting Taiwan to the World: Food and Religion” Forum

We were able to delve into Taiwan’s history and connection with the rest of the world through discussion on fresh oysters, one of Chiayi County’s most prominent local products. Our international students were also able to share their local cuisines that incorporate oysters, along with other comparisons on religious and cultural practices, such as the differences and similarities between Taiwan’s Ghost Month and the US’ Halloween, in order to increase cultural understanding between Taiwan and the US.


2022 Yijhu Junior High School

Callum Thomas, a new intern at Taiwan NextGen Foundation gave an insightful presentation on Australia and its culture to the students of Yijhu Junior high school. He spoke with students on topics such as Australia’s indigenous people, historic landmarks, and diverse wildlife and concluded with an interactive quiz to test the student’s knowledge. It was a great success and the students even taught Callum some new Taiwanese words as a sign of appreciation!

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2022 Chiayi Beach Cleanup

Marcin Jerzewski, a researcher from Taiwan NextGen, organized ecological education and environmental protection activities in Chiayi. In this event, partners from Chiayi community worked together to remove garbage from ports and embankments. Taiwan NextGen Foundation hopes to promote building a sustainable Taiwan, starting from reducing the use of plastic products. We also welcome all friends to join similar environmental protection activities in the future and protect Taiwan's beautiful coastline .

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2022 Taiwan NextGen Foundation and Taipei Municipal Dali High School Lecture

Lucia Gragnani, research assistant of Taiwan NextGen, shared the culture, education and history of the European Union and Italy, interacted with the teachers and students of Taipei Municipal Dali High School, and helped deepen student understanding of soft power concepts learned in the classroom. Comprehensive international exchanges enhance students' international competitiveness!

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2022 Taiwan NextGen International Exchange Activities 

Taiwan NextGen Foundation invited the representative of the Taiwan Israel Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Meital Margulis to share Israeli culture, history and innovation with students from Yung Ching Senior High School. Participating students actively spoke in the lecture and interacted with the lecturer. Taiwan NextGen Foundation will continue to deepen the connection between Chiayi region and the world.

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2022 EU Political, Economic and Cultural Lectures

Marcin Jerzewski, a researcher from Taiwan NextGen, shared the political, economic and cultural history of the European Union with the participating teachers and students of Juchi High School in Chiayi County. The goal of these exchanges are to deepen students' understanding of EU countries, and conduct in-depth discussions on European integration from various perspectives. 

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2022 Taiwan-Europe High School Academic Exchange Activities

In the midst of the ever-changing, slow but inevitable movement of global geopolitics and its associated web of relations, it is most fundamental to maintain and create deeper people-to-people ties between like-minded states. Particularly, those states who have lived under authoritarians or the threat of their wrath.

Taiwan NextGen organized a conversation with Ričardas Sedinkinas and high school Principal Ramutė Stasevičienė of Lithuania, discussing the possibility of creating a relationship between a school in Lithuania and one in Chiayi. It is incredibly heartwarming to be a part of this process and to come face to face with how much interest there is in creating bonds of affection between our people.

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2021 Chiayi County Yung Ching Senior High School

On December 4th Taiwan NextGen Foundation virtually visited Chiayi County Yung Ching Senior High School and discussed topics related to bilingual education and international exchanges.  In addition, the history, politics, and culture of the European Union were also discussed in light of the recent delegations visiting Taiwan. 

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2021 Chiayi Beach Clean Up

As a part of the 5th annual Taiwan National Clean Up Day, our team led a coastal cleanup in Budai, Chiayi, home to a major fishing harbor and passenger port. As bustling hubs of activity, ports, including Budai, always see a lot of marine debris.


2021 Chiayi County Jhuci Senior High School International Exchange Activity

On September 11, 2021, Taiwan NextGen Foundation, a Taipei and Chiayi-based think tank and policy foundation, and Juchi High School at Chiayi County held an online international exchange session focused on boosting internationalization and bilingualism among Taiwanese high school students. With the support of Principal Su Yuan Yuan (蘇淵源) and teaching staff, the exchange was led by Grace Faerber (United States), Hopkins-Nanjing Center master’s student and former research intern at Nextgen, Harry Williams (Australia), master’s student at University of New South Wales and former intern at Taipei City Government and Naina Singh (India), Junior Researcher at Nextgen and Ph.D. candidate at National Chung Hsing University. This was the first event in the international education exchange series facilitated by the two entities.


Taiwan NextGen Hosts Chiayi Youth Camp to Cultivate Young Leaders 

Taiwan NextGen Foundation held the "Chiayi Youth Leadership Training Camp" at Jhuci Senior High School from January 21st to 24th. The camp attracted more than fifty outstanding high school and college students from all over the country. Kuan-Ting Chen, CEO of Taiwan NextGen Foundation, expressed the hope that the camp would help young people cultivate a better vision for the future development of their hometowns.

Caring for Life: Sharing Love for Africa and Youth Education

Taiwan NextGen Foundation, Yung Ching Senior High School, Chiayi County Education Prospect Association and other organizations jointly held a donation recipient ceremony for an NGO focused on African affairs. We hope that there will be more opportunities in the future to allow young students from Taiwan to participate in international organizations and contribute to global society.

News Coverage:

Ecological Education & Chiayi Zhuqi Golden Lion Village

Colleagues from Taiwan NextGen Foundation and a diverse group of volunteers from Taiwan, the United States, Japan, and Europe, worked together with Bing-Huang Lin, the head of the Golden Lion Village in Chiayi County, Zhuqi Township, to clean up the mountainside.


Taiwan NextGen Foundation assisted Yimi Community College in Chiayi County to conduct educational seminars on the creation of local villages in Alishan.

Going into the remote communities of Alishan, the foundation assisted in education and training and promoting friendly agriculture and local characteristics for agricultural products. This helps guide high-quality talent and professional service providers to give back to their hometown, and promotes the development of local industries and local culture.

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