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Empowering the Next Generation
to Redefine Taiwan

Facing the challenges of the future head-on.

Taiwan NextGen Foundation is a think tank working to make Taiwan a more sustainable, diverse, and inclusive place. We believe in evidence-based policy and the power of youth empowerment.


Global Taipei Dialogue XXI: Linking Past and Present: Transitional Justice and Taiwan’s Democratic Future


In light of the upcoming anniversary for the 228 Incident, Taiwan NextGen Foundation held its Global Taipei Dialogue XXI centering around the topic of Transitional Justice in Taiwan. Our speakers, Liao Pin-yen, secretary of the Taiwan Youth Association for Transitional Justice and Kiong-seng, Dr. Michelle Kuo, Associate Professor at National Chengchi University, and Dr. Jimmy Chia-Shin Hsu, Research Professor of law at the Academia Sinica, shared their insights on the topic, ranging from examples of activist field- work to the intricacies of historical memory and how it impacts further progress in transitional justice in Taiwan. A discussion, leaving everyone with a greater understanding of Taiwan as a country, and how we can move forward to cement ourselves as a prime democracy.


Global Taipei Dialogue XX: Empowering Taiwan’s Civil Defense—How Resilient Is the Taiwanese Society


Taiwan NextGen Foundation and the European Values Center for Security Policy Taiwan Office co-hosted Global Taipei Dialogue XX on December 21. China’s military exercises in the Taiwan Strait and the Russian war against Ukraine demonstrate that peacetime preparations can help enhance societal resilience during wartime. We invited three speakers to share their insights with us, discussing the challenges of Taiwan’s civil defense and measures which can help strengthen it.


19th Global Taipei Dialogue 


On November 23rd NextGen hosted the 19th Global Taipei Dialogue, delving into the challenges of mental health care in Taiwan. Our speakers, Chang Yu-Meng, Managing Director of the Taiwan Youth Democratic Association, and Dr. Ming-Jung, a well-known Counseling Psychologist at Wuxin Cultural and Educational Foundation, shared their first-hand experiences in working with youth and obstacles in the implementation of policies. We discussed possible solutions and how to move forward, to ensure equal and effective mental health care for all.


Jhuci High School


Taiwan NextGen Foundation once again had the opportunity to collaborate with Jhuci High School by providing students with an opportunity to broaden their international perspectives and hone their bilingual skills through the invitation of speakers from Belize, Germany, and the United States to introduce the cultures, languages, and issues of their home countries.


RAND Corporation


NextGen Foundation had the privilege to engage in a fruitful meeting with Dr. Raymond C. Kuo–Founding Director of the Taiwan Policy Initiative, Senior Political Scientist at RAND corporation on international security and international order. We discussed how to better improve media literacy, integrate Taiwanese public opinion into research, and how to utilize education to encourage citizen participation.


A Beacon for Democracy


NextGen had the privilege of attending the 4th Oslo Freedom Forum in Taiwan, where we had the opportunity to hear renowned human rights advocates share their inspiring stories of confronting oppression and championing the universal cause of human rights and a just, free society. The event stressed Taiwan's vital role in defending against authoritarian regimes and promoting democracy worldwide. Taiwan stands with the world in its efforts to advance freedom and uphold the principles of human rights.


Opening Chiayi to the World


During the “Friends Around the World” event in Chiayi, NextGenTaiwan, Professor Hong-bin Ding, President of the Taiwan Sister City Association, Mayor Meng-lung Yeh of Xingang Township, Vice Chairman Yonghua Chen and CEO Chiawei Hsu of the Xingang Cultural and Educational Association, discussed sister city-relationships and their significance for creating strong urban diplomacy, as well as cultural and economic relations. Our international interns and local audience added to the dialogue by expressing their thoughts on the topic.


Looking into Taiwan’s future with Artificial Intelligence


Taiwan NextGen engaged in a fruitful discussion with Microsoft’s Worldwide Chief Technology Officer for Government, Greg Wilson. Together, we explored the significant potential of AI implementation in the public sector and its implications for Taiwan’s national security.


Taiwan NextGen Welcomes Stimson Center


Taiwan NextGen Foundation welcomed Ms. Pamela Kennedy, Deputy Director of the China Program at the Stimson Center in Washington, D.C., and Dr. Chiaoning Su, NextGen’s non-resident fellow. Both experts engaged in discussions with our young team on vital issues in Taiwan, including the upcoming presidential election, Taiwan-U.S. relations, and social media.


Elections are only the starting point of democracy


Taiwan NextGen Foundation participated in the 2023 Parliamentary Openness and Monitoring Forum hosted by Citizen Congress Watch, the National Democratic Institute, and the Westminster Foundation.


International Exchange Program at Zhuci High School


Taiwan NextGen Foundation returned to Zhuci High School in Chiayi, bringing interns from the US, Australia, and Germany into classrooms to introduce their home cultures, share their language learning tips, and participate in exchanges with Zhuci students.


Chiayi Shunfeng Cafe Creative Gathering


Creating a holistic community through interpersonal connections and cooperation between like-minded local partners is the shared vision of local entrepreneur Mr. Chang and Taiwan NextGen Foundation.


JHU SAIS Students Visit Taiwan NextGen


A group of Johns Hopkins University – SAIS students led by Prof. Adam Webb visited the Taiwan NextGen Foundation to discuss current trends in Taiwanese society and the role of think tanks in responding to social issues.


Global Taipei Dialogue XVI: Human Rights and Taiwan’s International Space


This event discussed how despite its authoritarian past and ongoing international isolation, Taiwan made considerable strides to strengthen its human rights record and comply with global human rights standards.


Global Chiayi Dialogue I: Multilingualism


The first Global Chiayi Dialogue (GCD) was organized by the Taiwan NextGen Foundation and the Belgian Office Taipei to explore the theme of "Multilingual Taiwan.” NextGen hosted a number of international and Taiwanese scholars to analyze policies in multilingual societies and discuss language spread, inclusion, and preservation across Belgian, Czech, Ukrainian, Taiwanese Indiginous languages, and sign language.


2022 Taiwan-Australia Academic Exchange Forum


New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholarships recipients led by Prof. Roger Lee Huang (Macquarie University), Lennon Chang (Macquarie University), and Prof. Wen-Ti Song (ANU) visited the Foundation.


2022 FAPA Emerging Leaders Workshop


Taiwan NextGen Foundation staff were in Washington, DC examining ways for strengthening transatlantic cooperation to support Taiwan.

photo_2022-08-30 11.22_edited.jpg

2022 “Connecting Taiwan to the World: Food and Religion” Forum


Our colleagues at Taiwan NextGen were invited by the Chiayi County Human Resources Development Center to participate in a cultural exchange with local Chiayi entrepreneurs to promote cross-cultural dialogue between Taiwan and the US. This consisted of a sharing of customs and traditions around oysters, one of Chiayi’s famous seafood products, and the “Huo Deng Ye Xun,” a local nighttime lantern ceremony held by the Jiande Temple.


Global Taipei Dialogue XV: Communicating the Climate Crisis


As extreme weather phenomena are on the rise in Taiwan and around the globe, the climate crisis has become tangible, relatable, and specific to our everyday experiences.


Democratic Resilience and LGBTQI+ Mainstreaming


Taiwan NextGen, with the support of NDI Taiwan,  conducted a research project on LGBTQI+ Inclusion and Taiwan's Pathway to Democracy. The findings were shared and discussed as part of a series exploring Democratic Resilience.  


Supporting Democratic Resilience in Taiwan


Taiwan NextGen co-hosted an event about building democratic resilience in Taiwan with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD). Along with guest-speakers like Dr. Shiow‑Duan Hawang and her partners, representatives from multiple international offices in Taiwan, NGO's, and political parties engaged in discussion on #democracy, the impact of trust, the factors that affect polling results and participation.

photo_2022-03-25 11.46.54.jpeg

INFO/tegrity Workshop


Taiwan NextGen hosted an INFO/tegrity workshop which was made possible through the collaboration of the National Democratic Institute, Taiwan NextGen Foundation, and the European Values Center for Security Policy (EVC). In this workshop we discussed how the challenges and solutions of digitalization and accessibility require expertise in the intersection of technology, trust, and transparency.

photo_2022-03-13 21.39.18.jpeg

Symposium on the Presidential Election of South Korea and the Situation in East Asia


On March 10th 2022, the National Institute for Policy Research held a symposium consisting of two important discussions: the CCP's Two Sessions and its effect on Cross-Strait relations, as well as an analysis of the South Korean presidential election; Taiwan NextGen Foundation's Kuan-Ting Chen had the pleasure of speaking on the latter.



"Global Taipei Dialogue" explores smart cities and Taiwan's international space

Taiwan NextGen, Go SMART Global Smart City Alliance, International Cooperation Center, and the Taipei Computer Association gathered on the evening of the 18th (Tuesday) to hold the 14th Global Taipei Dialogue to discuss smart cities and Taiwan's international space.

photo_2022-01-23 22.21_edited.jpg


Academic exchanges between Taiwan NextGen and the University of Warsaw

Taiwan NextGen met with Łukasz Zamęcki, an associate professor at the University of Warsaw in Poland. The two sides had a dialogue on the impact of social movements organized by the younger generation on politics and transitional justice. Both sides also look forward to more dialogues in the future to strengthen academic exchanges between the two countries.



Seminar on International Civil Society Cooperation

Taiwan NextGen hosted the Seminar on International Civil Society Cooperation, which invited representatives from Reporters Without Borders, the European Values Center for Security Policy, and the American International Democratic Institute to share their experience in Taiwan with legislators and provide opportunities for constructive development.



Global Taipei Dialogue XIII

This event invited four distinguished foreign-language reporters in Taiwan to share their experience of sharing Taiwanese stories in foreign-language media and discussed with the audience how we hope to help foreign audiences get to know Taiwan better.



Taiwan NextGen and European Values

Taiwan NextGen met with European Values Center for Security Policy Director Jakub Janda and discussed think tank operations and issues such as national security and international exchanges. We hope to further promote the friendship between Taiwan and Czechia.

photo_2021-10-24 21.53_edited.jpg


Taipei Korean Office Representative Visit

Taiwan and Korea are pillars of the regional architecture of Northeast Asia. Thank you, Assistant Representative Lee Sung Bok for visiting our team at Taiwan NextGen and engaging us in a nuanced conversation about Taiwan-Korea ties and regional issues in the Indo-Pacific.



Chiayi Beach Clean Up

As a part of the 5th annual Taiwan National Clean Up Day, our team led a coastal cleanup in Budai, Chiayi, home to a major fishing harbor and passenger port. As bustling hubs of activity, ports, including Budai, always see a lot of marine debris.



Model APEC

Taiwan NextGen Foundation worked together with the Asia-Pacific Youth Association to organize a Model Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conference. Our CEO Kuan-Ting Chen, Research Fellow Marcin Jerzewski, and Junior Researcher Naina Singh facilitated the “World Café” session, which allowed participants to explore a wide range of issues affecting development of APEC economies, including youth employment, political participation, and more.



Global Taipei Dialogue XII: Film, TV, Video and Taiwan's Soft Power

Taiwan NextGen Foundation hosted our Global Taipei Dialogue XII: Film, TV, Video and Taiwan's Soft Power. Our guest speakers included Issac Wang, producer of "Island Nation", Taiwan's first political drama series, and Tobie Openshaw, a documentary filmmaker and photographer whose work was featured by National Geographic, Discovery, and more.


Global Taipei Dialogue XI: COVID-19 and Human Rights of Migrants

Taiwan NextGen and Taiwan Asia Exchange Foundation co-hosted the 11th "Global Taipei Dialogue" to discuss the situation of migrant workers under the global epidemic, and invited Yung-Ta Chien (Freelance Journalist and Author), Lennon Yi-Da Wong (Serve the People Association), Lâm Quế Kim (Taoyuan City New Immigrants Association), and Fr. Peter Nguyen Van Hung (The Vietnamese Migrant Workers and Immigrants Office) to share their insights. 


Taiwan-Japan 2+2 Dialogue and Taiwan-Japan-China Triangle Relationship Panel

This forum was co-hosted by the Institute for National Policy Research, Taiwan NextGen and the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy. We discussed recent breakthroughs in Taiwan-Japan relations.



Global Organization of Smart Cities

 Taiwan NextGen Foundation hosted GO SMART, an international organization of smart cities created by the Taipei City Government to operate as a platform for entrepreneurship, investment, and tech exchanges.



The New Cold War between the US and China: A Brief Talk on Taiwan's Current Strategic Choices

Taiwan NextGen CEO Kuan-Ting Chen (陳冠廷) moderated a discussion between Japanese free media journalist Tsuyoshi Nojima (野岛刚) and National Taiwan University Political Science Professor Chu-Cheng Ming (明居正) on the topic “Amid the New U.S.-China Cold War, Discussing Taiwan’s Strategic Choice.”



Taiwan NextGen Meets with Jasmine Lim of the Singapore Office in Taiwan

This meeting exchanged views on the policy exchanges and cooperation between the two countries; especially the future bilingual national policy of Taiwan, issues of cultural exchange, and the political and economic situation this year. In the future, we hope that think tanks and NGOs from the two countries can be integrated and that the friendship between the two nations can be strengthened.



Global Taipei Dialogue IX: Environmental Governance and Soft Power

During the environmental forum Dr. Tsung-Yi Lin, the dean of the Department of Geography at National Taiwan Normal University, Mr. Tim Schütz, a visiting scholar from the School of Innovation at National Chengchi University, and Mr. Nate Maynard, an environmental educator and host of Ghost Island Media, shared their research with the audience. 



Taiwan NextGen Meets with the Representative of Representative of the Papua New Guinea Trade Office in Taiwan

Taiwan Next Gen hosted Mr. Tommy Kambu Kunji, Representative of the Papua New Guinea Trade Office in Taiwan, in our Taiwan NextGen Foundation office. Mr. Kunji kindly shared his nuanced insights on the current state of relations between Taiwan and his native Papua New Guinea as well as other Pacific States.



Taiwan National Healthcare Forum

The National Healthcare Forum was put on by the FRA, Taiwan Medical Association, and Taiwan NextGen Foundation.

The Forum discussed the role of health care associations, the sustainability of the health care system, and the development of human resources in the field. Former VP of Taiwan 陳建仁(Chen Chien-jen) and Current VP 賴清德 (Lai Ching-te William ) also spoke at the event. 



Establishing a Value-Based Alliance Between Taiwan and Germany

Taiwan NextGen Foundation,  organized a video conference with Dr. Marcus Faber, Member of the German Bundestag, to discuss prospects for deepening ties between Taiwan and Germany ahead of the upcoming 2021 German federal election.



Meeting with Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association

Taiwan NextGen met with Director Yu Yamada of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association and his colleagues about areas that could further Taiwan-Japan exchanges. In the future, we hope to deepen multilateral exchanges between the two sides and deepen Japan-Taiwan relations. Taiwan NextGen also looks forward to more in-depth dialogues between Japanese delegations and the foundation.



U.S.-Japan Summit and Cross-Strait Relations Forum

The “U.S.-Japan Summit and Taiwan Strait Affairs” symposium co-organized by the National Policy Research Institute and Taiwan NextGen was successfully held on the morning of April 19. The theme of "Relationships and Events in the Taiwan Strait" attracted more than 100 people from all over the world to participate. Taiwan NextGen will continue to deepen cooperation with other research organizations, and continue to express Taiwan's position and analysis to the world on regional security issues.



National Education Broadcasting Station Featuring Taiwan NextGen

Taiwan NextGen researchers Dr. Manoj Kumar Panigrahi and Marcin Jerzewski were honored to be invited by the flagship English broadcast of the National Education Radio Station "Magic English: Window of the World." Our researchers were honored to be with audiences from all over Taiwan and discuss: "What should we do to make Taiwan better?"


Bilingual Education Discussion


Taiwan NextGen visited Minsyong Junior High School in Chiayi County, and held talks with the Principal and the Chair of the Parent-Teacher Association on topics related to bilingual education and international student exchanges.



Cricket Event

Taiwan NextGen team attended the Sponsorship Ceremony by TATA Consultancy Services for National Chung Cheng University, followed by a cricket match between teams from southern Taiwan. The event was an important exercise in sport diplomacy between Taiwan and India, a major partner under Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy framework. Through sport competitions and other people-to-people exchanges, we can strengthen Taiwan’s connections with India and other countries. Taiwan NextGen will continue its efforts in the research and promotion of the New Southbound Policy.



Global Taipei Dialogue: Performing Arts and Multilingualism

Taiwan NextGen Foundation was honored to host the 8th Global Taipei Dialogue (GTD) on Saturday March 27th at the Main Hall of the Kishu An Forest of Literature. The event hosted distinguished guests Mr. Maxime Ramon from the Belgian Office in Taipei and Ms. Shih Hsin-Yuan (施馨媛) from the National Theater and Concert Hall (國家兩廳院).


The audience was also treated to a quadrilingual theatre arts showcase courtesy of the Formosa Improv Group and a panel discussion with arts organizers. 



Seminar on Smart City Tech

Taiwan NextGen thanks Ms. Ming-Snan Ng from ETH Zurich, Dr. Jürgen Hackl, professor at the University of Liverpool, and Ms. Tracey Chang from National Taiwan University BIM for their presentations on applications of smart city technology in policy decisions. Taiwan NextGen will continue to jointly promote smart city related research with scholars from around the world.



Taiwan NextGen Service Learning: Wai'ao Beach Cleaning Activity

Nearly 20 partners from all over Taiwan participated in the beach cleaning activity organized by Taiwan NextGen, and the group picked up a total of more than 500 kg of waste.



Taiwan Education System Forum

Taiwan NextGen and Teaching Towards Tomorrow co-hosted activities to explore Taiwan's education system and bilingual education policy. Researcher Ellie Koepplinger published research results on the impact of bilingual education on various social classes.



Taiwan NextGen and German Think Tank Exchange

Taiwan NextGen Foundation hosted Anna Marti from the Friedrich-Naumann Foundation for Freedom. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation will open its Global Innovation Hub in Taipei and focus on "digital transformation" and "innovation of democracy." 



Remembering the 10th Anniversary of the 311 Earthquake in Japan

Taiwan NextGen Foundation held a commemoration and symposium on the devastating 311 Earthquake which occurred on March 11, 2011 off the coast of Japan.



"East Asian Countries and Economies" Lecture

Taiwan NextGen's CEO Kuan-Ting Chen gave a lecture on "East Asian Countries and Economies" with Professor Malte Kaeding of the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom.  Chen shared Taiwan’s transformation from agriculture, light industry, heavy industry in the 1950s to the present day information economy.



Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation Visit

Taiwan NextGen is very honored to receive distinguished guests from the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF). The Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation handles many important international forums and is a well-known private policy think tank focused on Southeast Asia and South Asia.



 Rong-Guan Social Welfare Institution in New Taipei City

Colleagues from Taiwan NextGen Foundation visited the Rong-Guan Social Welfare Institution in New Taipei City. During the visit, staff at Rong-Guan and representatives of the Taiwan NextGen Foundation discussed various issues confronted by social workers and children in need.



Radio Taiwan International

Taiwan NextGen Foundation’s CEO Chen, Kuan-Ting recently joined the Radio Taiwan International Vision on China podcast to discuss Taiwan’s soft power and how NGOs can play a role. 



Global Taipei Dialogue

During this forum we discussed the issue of mental health and social safety nets. With the development of society and the advancement of medical treatment, we discussed how a person's health does not only depends on the physical state but also their mental health.



Meeting with the European Economic and Trade Office and the French Association in Taiwan

Taiwan NextGen Foundation welcomes Mr. Jaume Soler from the European Economic and Trade Office and Pierre Goulange, Director of the Political Press Office of the French Association in Taiwan to visit the think tank.

Taiwan hopes to cooperate more extensively with Europe on soft power issues, including public health, technology, and democracy. We are very pleased with the insights and visions of these two European friends on the relationship between Europe and Taiwan. 



Indo-Pacific Strategy Seminar: Regional Competition and Cooperation Expected to Intensify

Taiwan NextGen Foundation and the Asia-Pacific Youth Association held a symposium on "Japan Political Observation: Biden's Strategic Analysis of the United States, Japan, and the Indo-Pacific" and invited Dr. Sana Hashmi, a senior researcher at Taiwan NextGen, Mr. Wen-Ti Sung a lecturer at ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, and Dr. Ishihara Tadahiro from NCCU's Program in Japan Studies.


2021  1 /21-1/24

Taiwan NextGen Hosts Chiayi Youth Camp to Cultivate Young Leaders 

Taiwan NextGen Foundation held the "Chiayi Youth Leadership Training Camp" at Jhuci Senior High School on January 21-24. The camp attracted more than 50 outstanding high school and college students from all over the country. Chen Kuan-Ting, CEO of Taiwan NextGen, expressed the hope that the camp can help young people cultivate a better vision for the future development of their hometowns.


2021 /1 /21

Symposium on "U.S.-China-Taiwan Relations and the Security Situation in the Indo-Pacific and Taiwan Post-Biden Inauguration"

In order to bring together critical views on the future of international relations and regional security, Taiwan NextGen Foundation co-hosted a forum on US-China-Taiwan relations. Participants included famous scholars, diplomats, politicians and legislators, who discussed how to properly handle Taiwan's diplomatic relations and national security issues.


2021/1 /20

Caring for Life: Sharing Love for Africa and Youth Education

Taiwan NextGen Foundation, Yung Ching Senior High School, Chiayi County Education Prospect Association and other organizations jointly held a donation receipt ceremony for an NGO focused on Africa. We hope that there will be more opportunities in the future to allow young students from Taiwan to participate internationally and contribute to the world arena.


2021 /1 /14

NextGen Voices・Final Presentations

The eight-week NextGen Voices training course has officially ended. We were pleased to see all the outstanding students present at a public policy conference. We are honored to have learned and grown together with you!


2021 /1 /18

Taiwan NextGen Foundation Signs a Broad-Ranging Partnership with 9DASHLINE

Taiwan NextGen Foundation is excited to launch a new broad-ranging partnership with 9DASHLINE, a prominent European platform dedicated to offering original comment and analysis on issues affecting the Indo-Pacific — the world's most dynamic region. Our two organizations share a common vision of providing critical analysis of political, economic as well as cultural issues in the Indo-Pacific region and remain committed to democratizing debates on international relations.


2020 /12 /23

6th Global Taipei Dialogue

This forum discussed freedom of speech challenges faced by the media in Asia. Participating speakers included Reporters Without Borders East Asia Bureau Director, Cédric Alviani, The Telegraph East Asia correspondent, Nicola Smith, special correspondent for Deutsche Welle East Asia, William Yang, and founder of New Bloom, Brian Hioe. Panelists discussed issues such as media freedom, fake news, and the quality of news content.


2020 /12 /22

Seminar on Japan: Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's Foreign Policy

This symposium was jointly organized by Taiwan NextGen Foundation and the Asia-Pacific Youth Association. Chen Kuan-Ting, served as the moderator, and invited Akio Yaita, the Taipei branch director of Sankei Shimbun, and Lee Shi-Hui, a professor at the School of International Affairs of National Chengchi University, as interlocutors to provide relevant analysis on issues related to the new Japanese cabinet and changes in the United States, China, Taiwan and Japan.


2020 /12 /17

NextGen Voices · Writing for Public Policy

Public Policy and Diplomacy Training Course conducted by Marcin Jerzewski, a researcher from our think tank, instructing students on the quantitative analysis of public policies and research methods for visualized data.


2020 /12 /18

Director Kim, Deog-Young Praises Taiwan's Korean War Orphans Documentary Film Premiere in Taiwan

Taiwan NextGen Foundation held the Taipei Premiere of "Kim Il-Sung's Children"-the incredible story of thousands of North Korean orphans sent to Eastern Europe. It was also meaningful to engage in a discussion with Director Kim Deog-Young, moderated by our Non-Resident Fellow Dr. Zsuzsa Anna Ferenczy


2020 /12 /10

NextGen Voices · MP Lo Chih-Cheng

MP Lo Chih-Cheng shared his experiences in international relations and foreign policy with students in our NextGen Voices course. Topics covered included the democratic system and Taiwan's international relations. 


2020 /11 /27

Global Taipei Dialogue: Sustainable Agriculture

Presentations from Ms. Lin Yi-li, an agricultural entrepreneur from Chiayi, and Mr. Dariusz Rajkiewicz, a lawyer and diplomat with the Polish Office in Taipei, helped educate our audience on various sustainable agriculture topics. We thank these two speakers for their insightful presentations!


2020 /12 /03

NextGen Voices ・ Greenpeace 

We thank Mr. Daniel Mittler, Political Director at Greenpeace International, for talking to our students in the Writing for Public Policy and Diplomacy workshop co-hosted with Lead For Taiwan 領導臺灣.


2020 /11 /21

Ecological Education & Chiayi Zhuqi Golden Lion Village

Colleagues from Taiwan NextGen Foundation and a diverse group of volunteers from Taiwan, the United States, Japan, and Europe, worked together with Lin, Bin-Huang, the head of the Golden Lion Village in Chiayi County, Zhuqi Township, Chin-Shih Village, to help clean up the mountainside. 


2020 Taiwan NextGen Foundation Annual Meeting Report

2020 /11 /19

This year’s annual meeting report was delivered by our advisor Lo Chih-Cheng, and the annual report was given by Chen Kuan-Ting and research fellow Marcin Jerzewski. We sincerely thank Bartosz Ryś, the Acting Director of Poland in Taiwan, Mr. Jordan Reeves, the representative of Canada in Taiwan, and Omer Caspi, the representative of Israel in Taiwan Mr. Maxime Ramon, Deputy Director of Belgium in Taiwan, AIT, Japan Exchange Association, India Office in Taiwan, British Council, Australia Office in Taiwan, Somaliland Office in Taiwan and our advisors Wu Yu-Chin, Chuang Jui-Hsiung, and Chiu Tai-Yuan for participating in this event. 

image (2).png

2020 /11 /08

2020 Donation to Honduras Recovery Efforts

Our research fellow Marcin Jerzewski delivered our collective donation of menstrual products, cleaning supplies, diapers, and toothbrushes to the Embassy of the Republic of Honduras in Taiwan. These products will be sent to the thousands of Hondurans who are in need of basic necessities after Hurricane Eta tore through our Central American ally nation.

Honduras has always been a trustworthy ally of Taiwan. It is time to once again show the world that “Taiwan Can Help” and that “Taiwan is Helping"!


Congressional Diplomacy and Taiwan-Indonesida Education Exchange Forum

2020 /11 /06

Taiwan NextGen Foundation CEO Kuan-Ting Chen , Legislator Jui-Hsiung Chuang , Legislator Ming-Wen Chen, Research Fellow Hafizha Dea Iftina and Indonesian National Mission Party Member of Parliament Dr. M. ALI. TAHER discussed potential exchanges and visits between the two parliaments. 


Wanli Beach Cleanup

2020 /11 /01

Volunteers collected more than 500 kilograms of garbage. Thanks to all the volunteers from various countries for protecting our coastline.


Global Taipei Dialogue: Sustainable Tourism

2020 /10 /29

This forum discussed topics that both Taiwan and the world value: sustainable tourism. The event facilitated dialogue between participants and speakers on topics related to the tourism industry, the environment, indigenous peoples and local culture.


Industry and Local Culture Education Seminar

2020 /10 /24

Taiwan NextGen Foundation invited outstanding entrepreneurs from Chiayi to discuss the promotion of industries and local culture.


As an information platform, think tanks also connect the dots between the local and the international, and strengthen the mutual understanding between Taiwan and international countries. 


Education Symposium on the Current Status and Prospects of US-China-Taiwan Relations

2020 /10 /16

Professor Ming Juzheng from the Department of Political Science of National Taiwan University shared insights with members of Congress and scholars at home and abroad on the current situation of the Asia-Pacific international and strengthened the policy understanding of the US-China-Taiwan relations in the chemical and political circles.


2020 /11 /08

Taiwan is a multiethnic democracy, and the promotion of indigenous, Austronesian culture constitutes an important component of our nation's soft power strategy. Our researchers, Claire Tunn and Marcin Jerzewski served as translators (English and Spanish, respectively) and contributed to the promotion of Paiwan culture among the international public during Kakudan, a Paiwanese arts festival held on October 7th and 8th in Kaviyangan, Pingtung.

Kaohsiung Youth Summer Camp

2018 / 7 / 27-29​

Taiwan NextGen Foundation and MP Chi-mai Chen’s Legislative Council Office jointly organized the "Next Generation-Kaohsiung Youth Campaign Camp." We attracted aspiring young people who care about public affairs to analyze these affairs inside and outside institutions, local and central government, as well as in  community participation and political work, to encourage the youth to build enthusiasm and practice implementing their ideas step by step.


Global Taipei Dialoge 

2020 /9 /17 ​

Taiwan NextGen Foundation hosted the third Global Taipei Dialogue which featured presentations from Dr. Chien-Hui Ho from the Taipei Medical Union and Lev Nachman a Fulbright Scholar studying issues related to Taiwan.

Blockchain Lesson Sharing

2018 / 7 /31

In Japan, MPs often hold study sessions to ensure that they can keep up with industry trends. Taiwanese politicians and parliamentary assistants should do the same. Taiwan NextGen Foundation was honored to invite Professor Pai-Ta Shih of the Department of Finance and Economics of Taiwan University and Professor Yun-Yan Tsai of the Common Education Center to discuss blockchain technology and applications. Six members of parliament including MP Yung-Chang Chiang, MP Yi-yu Tsai, MP Yi-fang Shih, and MP Jui-hsiung Chuang, as well as a number of congressional assistants enthusiastically participated in the study session.

Symposium on Taiwan's Role in U.S-Sino Relations

2018 / 7 / 28

Taiwan yet again found itself in the middle of a conflict between two powers in the US-China trade war. Taiwan NextGen Foundation invited an old friend of the Taiwanese people, Mr. Stephen J. Yates, who is a former Deputy National Security Advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney, to express unique insights on this conflict. A conversation worth listening to!


Taiwan NextGen・Bulgaria & European Union

2017 / 11 / 19

Taiwan NextGen Foundation had the honor of hosting a delegation from Bulgaria which included Solomon Passy, Bulgaria's Foreign Minister who negotiated and signed Bulgaria’s accession into NATO in 2004.

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